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No woman and no couple can ever be absolutely sure to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Even the best contraception can fail. In such a case, the woman or the couple has to decide whether they want to take the responsibility for the child. Nobody promotes abortion actively.

If you use Bioself mainly for contraception we encourage you to apply the cervical fluid observations and to interpret them accurately. No instrument will ever do this job as well as you are able to. Teenagers who do not have regular biphasic cycles can use Bioself for improving their fertility awareness but not for contraception.

Warranty Applications - Conditions and Terms

The warranty card is included in the Bioself package box. It has to be completed and sent back to the Bioself dealer to register your device.

The device is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for 1 year starting on the date of purchase. Any exchange will not extend the duration of the warranty. The warranty is only valid if the device is used correctly. In case of improper use, accidental or intentional damage, the warranty will not apply. Bioself will replace free of charge, as it sees fit. The cost of the device cannot be refunded.

As a principle and for hygienic reasons, Bioself does not perform any repair.

Devices which seem to be defective must be sent back to the following address:

Bioself Inc.
Post Box
1226 Geneva-Thonex


last updated on March 4th, 2014