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Fertility Awareness Method to Avoid or Achieve Pregnancy

Fertility happens around the time of ovulation. There are different signs, in the female body, which show the approximate day of ovulation. No one can predict with 100% certainty when ovulation will occur, there are several indicating factors: LH-hormone in the urine, the structure of saliva, the sweat of the body, the cervical fluid, the gentle temperature rise around ovulation and the average length of your cycle.

Waking temperature, cervical fluid and average cycle length are the three main signs which have been shown to be the best indicators for natural methods. As soon as you are familiar with these signs, and have learnt how to interpret them, you will master the sympto-thermal method of birth regulation (for both conception and contraception).

Bioself Inc. is a Swiss company, based in Geneva and Canada. It launched its first generation of Bioself products in 1986, which calculated and indicated the fertile, the highly fertile and the infertile days in the female cycle.

It has been improved ever since and is used worldwide. in Morges, near Lausanne (Switzerland), promotes the sympto-thermal method of natural birth regulation. The SymptoTherm Foundation and Bioself Inc. work together in the joint venture of creating the first sure and easy-to-use alternative to the "pill" and of substantially improving infertility concerns.

last updated on March 4th, 2014