Bioself: Graph printing

Alternative solution to sending the data over the phone. Record the sound generated by your Bioself in a sound file (*.wav or *.vma) and mail it to us.


You must have a PC or better a Laptop, and an external microphone (or a headset with a microphone).

If it is a desktop or a tower, it must be equipped with sound card.

If you can generate a wav or a vma sound file using a different kind of computer or OS, able to generate such a file, let's try it.

How to proceed

Make sure that no application is open. It could degrade the recording. Select the Windows application "Sound recorder". You should find it under "Programs", "Accessories", "Entertainment".

Place the loudspeaker of your Bioself less than 3 cm (1 inch) from the microphone. Make sure that you are in a quiet environment.

Select the user's menu TEL (refer to user's manual) in your Bioself. Click the "record button" of the sound recorder simultaneously when you release the black button after the long selection.

As soon as your Bioself stops generating the sound, end the recording, click . Check the sound in playing it back. There should be a good recording level, no distortion and no disturbing background sound.
Save the file somewhere, using "save as...". The size of this file may become as big as 600 Kbytes. Experience has shown that saving the sound file in "telephone quality" is still good enough for us to process. Select "Change": PCM 8'000 kHz, 8 bit, Mono   7kb/sec. This will generate a file of about 200 to 300 Kbytes.

To listen to a sample *.VMA file under MS Windows, copy and insert this command into "run" and hit the enter key: .

If your recording is not as clear as in this sample, make sure that the automatic recording level control is disabled.

Send us the file

Send us this sound file as an attachment to Don't forget to mention your return e-mail address in the message.

We will return the graph as a PDF file (no charge) at the e-mail address that you mentioned in your message.

Last updated: Jul. 23rd, 2012.